Say Goodbye to Grimy Ovens – a Sparkling Cooking Surface is Just a Phone Call Away

This is the homepage of OvenGlow.com – your partner in keeping your domestic oven appliance gleaming clean.


Is your oven grimy and full of gunk? Is it difficult to see what is cooking through the glass at the front? Then you need to have your oven cleaned by an expert. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost the earth and it delivers an oven that looks like it was just installed.

Domestic Oven Cleaning

OvenGlow.com - Fully HACCP Certified Oven Cleaning Service

We use only solvents and cleaners that are totally safe to use with food. You can safely cook in your oven immediately following cleaning.

OvenGlow.com technicians are also fully HACCP Certified so our services can be availed of if you are preparing food for sale to the public.

Please do take a look around the website to see what services we can offer you to ensure your oven and other cooking areas are clean, efficient and working as intended by the manufacturer first day. You’ll be amazed at the difference to your kitchen and the savings that can be made by using our services. 

If you would like to contact our principal, Brian Kelleher, you can do so on 085 750 6979 or you can email info@ovenglow.com. There is also a Contact Form on the Prices Page if you wish to fill it out.